SEO Basics for Your New Website

There are billions of web pages on the Internet and it’s obvious that not everyone can be listed on the first page of results on Google. Search engines only list web pages that are relevant to a special keyword, and you need to make sure that your site is one of these. The process of modifying web pages so that search engines find relevant terms is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

“Not all websites can attain the top positions, competition is fierce”

Let’s see some general rules that need to be followed to achieve the targeted goal. Here are some rules to follow in creating a website:

Okay, you want to create your first web page, and have so many wonderful ideas, maybe like you’ve imagined great graphics and theme for your website. But, you don’t know from where to make sure that the page will appear in the top positions of the search engines. Well, we know exactly how you can help your website’s rankings on Google and we’ll explain it to you too. Prepare a sheet of paper and a pen and start creating this list of “things to do”.

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You need good Back links

A back link is a link from another website to another website. If you want to get a good ranking, you need a lot of good back links. It a simple idea: if page A has a link to page B, it means that the page A recommends page B. The better the content of your pages, more links directed to your website.

The quality of the connections is important. A link that contains the keyword in the text for which you want to have a high ranking, it is better than five connections to the text, “click here”. A link from a reputable website that has a related topic is much better than links from sites related to irrelevant links.

You need to optimize your web page content

This is really important otherwise the site will not get love from search engines. Your website should also be fast and should also be hosted on proper webhosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, dreamhost. You can get major discount on Bluehost by using the coupon which is found on the following website The coupon code will give you maximum discount on Bluehost Vps, Shared plans. You can get the discount by clicking to that link.

Google’s technology analyzes the full content of a page including factors such as the font, subdivisions and the precise location of each word. Google also analyzes the content of nearest web pages to ensure the results returned are the most relevant to a user’s query. It is necessary to optimize all factors that can affect your rankings in the search engines.

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You must be mentioned on social networks

The content of your web pages and back links from other sites are the most important signals for ranking. In addition to these signals, the search engines also consider the particulars of your website on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

The more often your site is mentioned on social networking seems to be the most popular. This can give you a boost in ranking to your pages. At this time, however, content and back links are much more important than mentioning on the social networks.

You need to have Optimized Images

Every time you insert an image into your webpage also make sure you place the alt text , so that what may seem like a very technical but it is nothing more than a simple tag to add to your image that provides an alternative text who will explain to the search engine what that picture shows.


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